Accuracy and Precision

The precision and accuracy of laser processing is unmatched.

Lasers are ideal for drilling and trimming applications in electronics markets whose products continue to shrink in size and grow in complexity. Competition continuously drives manufacturers to keep pace by evolving their capabilities to meet requirements of size, higher interconnect density, advanced materials and increased precision.

PPI Systems is continually enhancing its high-performance beam positioning and control for rapid, accurate panel processing.  Each system includes advanced ProSys control software which provides a graphical display of the job features and process status.  Trimming systems employ proprietary flying probe testing designed for next-generation circuits, probe cards for high volume low mix applications or custom measurement options, while drilling systems offer a hybrid laser process for high-volume via drilling requirements in the widest range of materials.

With nearly two decades of experience designing, manufacturing and selling laser PCB drilling, cutting and trimming systems worldwide, PPI Systems offers both turnkey and customized solutions for each application.  PPI is committed to high quality, cost-effective solutions for our partners with innovative systems combined with unparalleled customer service.