PPI Systems Sees Significant Growth in the Laser Trimming Market for Q2 2020

(Ottawa, ON) June, 2020 PPI Systems recorded a large quarterly growth in the resistor trimming market for Q2 2020. With a near doubling in systems being ordered over the same time period last year, many urgently for the medical device market along with a major manufacturer leaving this market, PPI Systems was well positioned to meet the requirements of this growing business. Recent hires in engineering, R&D and business development will help to continue this trend and will ensure that PPI Systems continues to be a market leader with its advanced laser solutions for the interconnect and component market. 


Robert Parker, Vice President of PPI Systems, commented: “These are challenging times but I am pleased to see that we have been able to fulfill major manufacturers needs for laser material processing solutions.  Our business worldwide is seeing increases in both the laser resistor trimming and via drilling markets.  We strive to continue to grow these businesses with new products and options aimed at meeting the complex needs of PCB manufacturers.” 


PPI Systems is a leading supplier of laser material processing and test  systems.  The company provides a broad range of turn-key solutions to the interconnect and electronic component market for via drilling, circuit processing, resistor trimming, and high-precision micro-machining.