PPI Systems Updates ProSys Control Software

(Ottawa, ON) July, 2020 PPI Systems announces new interface updates to its ProSys Laser Drilling and Resistor Trimming control software.  The updates further ensure systems continue to be easily integrated into Industry 4.0 manufacturing processes.  The software offers a more comprehensive and interlinked approach to manufacturing, connecting physical equipment resources with production scheduling.  It allows better collaboration and access across departments, partners, vendors and people giving them the ability to leverage instant data to boost productivity, improve processes and drive growth.


Features include:

  • All systems ship with Windows 10 64-bit architecture which has modern connectivity options and continuously updates as new features appear.
  • Software features designed to feedback information on service, calibration and maintenance needs.
  • Network connections allowing communication with local as well as cloud based servers.
  • Integrated plant control and status (MES) networking through file-based and SECS/GEM interfaces
  • Real-time system monitoring for process integrity and equipment status visibility.
  • Maintenance tracker keeps a log of all system maintenance and history and provides prompts at maintenance intervals.
  • Full system diagnostics and data logging for enhanced product support and predictive maintenance.

As the cost of digital technology continues to fall and the sophistication of plant-wide production networks rises, it has become easier and cheaper than ever for businesses of all sizes to invest in this technology. Many studies have demonstrated the competitive advantages for businesses that adopt and implement principals of Industry 4.0.

PPI Systems is a leading supplier of laser material processing and test  systems.  The company provides a broad range of turn-key solutions to the interconnect and electronic component market for via drilling, circuit processing, resistor trimming, and high-precision micro-machining.